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Side Dishes

Fresh dishes to accompany your meal or to take home with you.




$8.99 lb

Caprese Salad

$7.99 lb.

Pepper Shooters

$10.99 lb.

Roasted Red Peppers

$6.99 lb.

Gorgonzola Stuffed Artichokes

$10.99 lb.

Marinated Artichokes

$8.99 lb.

Stuffed Olives

$9.99 lb.

Marinated Mushrooms

$8.99 lb.

Garden Pasta Salad

$5.99 lb.

Long Stem Artichokes

$12.99 lb.

Kalimata Olives

$8.99 lb.

Tuna Salad

$10.99 lb.

Chicken Salad

$9.99 lb.

Mediterranean Orzo Salad


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